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Welcome to Stranger than Fiction!

This community is maintained by the lovely Triplets of the East (Jessica, Kristin & Jami). Don't let the moderated membership throw you off...that is only to make sure that we don't get invaded by trolls or people littering us with hate. We are open to anyone who wants to join, just put in your request. This is a place to talk about pretty much anything. You can post pictures/icons/whatever, talk about politics or everyday events, music, you can post your stories...pretty much anything is welcome except for close-minded bullshit. If you are a homophobic bigot who has a problem with discussing anything LesBiGay, then just leave...we don't want you. If you have a problem with sexually explicit content or you aren't tall enough to ride (18+), then the magical teacups are in the opposite direction. So, enter your request to join and we will talk to you soon!

(Don't worry...we don't ask much)

1)Please be kind to everyone. If you have a problem with someone or something they said, please contact one of the moderators about it privately (username[at]livejournal[dot]com)and we will do something to fix the problem. More than likely, if something offensive was said, the person will have already been blocked. Personal attacks on anyone will get you banned immediately.

2)Please post pictures, quizzes, and overly long entries behind an lj-cut. You pretty much have no limits as to what you post in here, but if you are posting something that takes up a lot of space we would prefer for it to be behind a cut. If you ignore this rule or simply forget, we will remind you with a comment. If you don't fix the entry we will be forced to delete it entirely. The only time this will lead to banning is if you continue to ignore the warnings. This is a small offense :)

3)Give credit where credit is due. Some people think anything posted on the internet is fair game. If you are posting anything ranging from someone elses fanfiction to a picture created by someone else to something as small as an icon, please credit the person. They were nice enough to share their creation with you, you can show them the same consideration. People put a lot of themselves in the things they create and it hurts when someone rips it off. We won't tolerate uncredited works on here. If you want to do it in your own journal, we can't stop you; but we can stop you here.

4)Have fun and post whatever the hell you want as long as it doesn't violate the 3 (are we too lenient?!) rules listed above.

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