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Happy Monday!

This board just doesn't want to get off it's feet. I am writing today to see how everyones weekend was. Mine was good. Not a whole lot of activity due to lack of money. I hate being poor, esp. on the weekends. I really want to see "Closer" this weekend, but I couldn't afford to go. My friends saw it and said it was great! I am looking forward to it. So, according to my spoiler group, there's a new video out by J Reimer called "My Immortal". This is what the "poster" had to say: "You must see this video. It is absolutely beautiful. She captured everything about the Season 4 Brian and Justin partnership... just brought tears to my eyes. Go now. Watch it. It's her first video and I'm just amazed. She must make more! Like now!"

Here's the link: http://www.boysofbabylon.com/index.html

The directions: That takes you to the home page of Acacia's site... click on videos... then click on JReimer... then click on My Immortal.... and grab a tissue...you'll need it.

Enjoy! I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. Tell me how it is. Hugs!
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