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Ok, so Jesskie and Blitzy are always giving us fun little quizzes to do. So, I figured I would add to the pot o' fun! Here we go!

Quiz #1


My answers:

The Court Jester

Your favorite man in tights is funny, a great sport and always keeps you entertained. He's the Chandler Bing of your kingdom of friends. Whether he's an artist, actor or activist, he thinks that a Chihuahua is a hilarious house pet and loves to be the life of the party.

This works for you because you're not looking for someone to take care of you financially or even emotionally. You can do that on your own. What you want is a companion who will see you through the good times and make the bad times a little better (or at least have you laughing through your tears).

Sometimes it might be hard to get a straight answer out of him, but for anyone who doubts his real feelings for you, the joke is on them. Even though he's got a great sense of humor, this kind of guy is often very sensitive and caring. But like Chandler, many jokesters are often trying to cover up some unresolved issues. Whether he doesn't get along with his family or is trying to break into his dream career (acting, for example), be patient with a prince like this. He'll need your support, but might not always be able to ask for it, seriously.

Haven't met a guy who fits this description yet? Whether you've already snagged the prince of your dreams, or you're still searching, check out the Happily Ever After Love Lesson and learn the fairy tale secrets for finding lasting love. You might be surprised at what you learn!

Quiz #2


My answers:


 Your Score = 43

The role music plays in your life depends on a number of factors. To a greater or lesser degree, it reflects the extent to which you...

  • A. associate people and places with emotions
  • B. welcome emotional stimulation,
  • C. are involved in social interactions,
  • D. are willing to feel vulnerable,
  • E. empathize with others
  • F. have strong emotional responses to music

43 - 34: Emotions are a somewhat private matter for you. You take them seriously and tend to share them only with those you really trust. You prefer to avoid big displays of emotion and dislike love songs you deem overly sentimental or simplistic. You are a discriminating listener but when you find something you like, you REALLY like it. Go ahead, put on those headphones and lose yourself in the music. (Just don't turn up the volume too high; loud headphones can cause ear damage.) You are generally very careful not to wear out your favorite songs by overplaying them. As soon as you feel yourself beginning to lose interest in a particular album, you put it away for a while only to rediscover it later and enjoy it all over again. If you were to make a "soundtrack" tape of your favorite songs, you would run the risk of losing the emotional attachment you have for the songs. However, you may want to try a variation on the soundtrack tape. Try making tapes for special uses only. For instance, a tape of songs you will listen to only when going on a long car trip, or during times you have set aside for relaxing. For more information, see Make A Soundtrack For Your Life.

Quiz #3


My answers: PURPLE: Lovers of purple frequently consider themselves to be too sophisticated for a fun romp in the sack. Women sometimes are the type who hate to mess their hair. Men are business-like in their approach to lovemaking. In both sexes purple partners are more concerned with their fulfillment than anyone else's gratification


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