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Spoiler fun

Hey community! I have some spoiler fun that I would love to discuss with the group. I am going to add a cut in here so those who don't want to read the spoilers, they don't have to. Toda Soda!

So, here is what is being said in S5 Spoiler land:

"I hear a rumor is floating about that Brian gives Justin Babylon-Pittsburgh as a 21st birthday present.

Have no idea where it came from or the validity."

If true...what does everyone think?

I find this rumor interesting myself. I think it is odd that Brian is purchasing Babylon myself, but of course we don't know the motivation behind it yet. Why would be buy it for Justin though? Maybe, it is motivation to bring Justin back from LA? Then people are saying that Brian would never want to tear Justin away from his art. So, I just want to know what fellow QAF-ers think? I LOVE QAF!
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