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The Gale news update

Hello Triplets and friends! Recently, Kristin (kb21) had posted on her journal that someone on the QAF No Limits board had read an interview that Gale H. had done for a Portuguese radio service. And this person was saying that Gale had said a lot of nasty things regarding QAF and hi fans. Now, any of you that have no clue as to what I am talking about, please refer to Kristin's journal, kb21. I have since read the interview myself, and he says NOTHING of the sort. The person on the No Limits board was obviously VERY biased and just wanted to dog on Gale and his character. So, I am going to post what Gale ACTUALLY said, and what the person on the No Limits board interpreted it. Please keep in mind that Randy, Thea and Michael de Carlo was also interviewed at the same time. Here is one of Gale's first quotes: "Gale Harold: Regarding it from the perspective I was in when I got the job, I could’ve really damaged my career, which hadn’t even begun at that point, but I never considered it a risk. Only that is important for me to distance myself as much as I can from the character while doing other films, and I’ve managed to do that so far." Ok, I read this as Gale saying that it COULD have damaged his career at the get start, but he never really thought about it, and I can recall he said the same thing on Larry King Live. The person on the No Limits board interpreted this as "distancing himself from QAF. Not because of its shithouse quality, but because it was a Queer show... it may reflect badly on his acting career. (so all the BS of him not being into fame, of having "integrity", was just a convenient cover for him not having to give promotional interviews.... for fear of his acting career being sabotaged!)" Next. Gale said this in the interview: "Gale Harold: To portrait an out-of-the closet gay character not being gay is a great responsibility to me regarding the gay audience, because this is the fist time their life style is portrayed truthfully- specially now with what’s going on in the US and Canada. But I’m an actor, and I do not use this part as a toll to support or embrace the cause." He is basically saying he doesn't want to get caught up in the politics of it all, but he does want to truthfully portray a gay man. This is what No Limits interpreted it as: "Also in the same interview, he said that he didn't use QAF as a political "tool" to advance the rights of the GLBT community. (so because he's so Straight, he doesn't feel the need to get involved politically. Which would explain his absence from various fundraisers and political events. Also notice that he's distancing himself from the previous politically charged things he said to the media.... to protect his acting career, presumably.)" Biased and completely misinterpreted. Gale also says this: "Gale Harold: Canada just seems to be a more reasonably balanced country. We really have been considering moving here instead of coming back to US when the show is over. " So far, I don't read ANYTHING that says he doesn't want to be distanced from QAF, or he hates his fans. I have more to add later, but I thought this is a good start. What do you all think? Why can't we all just enjoy an actors work? I think it is very frustrating. I hate when people like to slam actors and switch their words around. It is infuriating. That's all for now.
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