galejunkie (galejunkie) wrote in tripsoftheeast,

"I'm back, Gale!"

Hey, hey, hey, I'm back girlies, what a whirlwind I'm just glad to be back. I missed quite a bit I see. Here are the results to some of the "quizzys". and Jess I am about to start reading your fanfic, I promise to comment as I go. I am soooo happy that there are 2 new members hi'yall! Well it's been fucking crazy here and it's gonna get even crazier, yep, I've decided to go back to school!!! We'll see how it goes, I'm just gonna hold my breath and dive. Well gotta go, just wanted to tell you I'm back so, you can send Gale my way for a bit, I hope you didn't tire him too much. Did you see his pics of when he was 12? Tell me and I'll put a link for it, also if you haven't already check thi out:121_hug_03.jpg just keep going forward on the arrow, you guys probably saw it already but here it is just in case I thought it was the coolest. Ok, ok, gotta go now. Smoochies to all of you and thanks for keeping Gale warm in my absence.
You are Lili St. Cyr!
You're Lili St. Cyr!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
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You're a Cafe Mocha.
You're a Cafe Mocha!

What Kind of Coffee are You?
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Your so cute anyone would think your cute. Even the
grown ups:) Probaly any boy would run up to you
with flowers and cute stuffed animals like
you;) Just look at you. Your adorable:)

What Type Of Girl Are You???(Amazing Pics)
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